Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pancreatitis Symptoms In Women, What Women Should Know!

If you are a woman and worried about pancreatitis then you should know it can prove fatal. I am not trying to worry you but if you are concerned about anything then go to a medical professional or local hospital right away. I am not a medical professional however i am a former acute pancreatitis sufferer. Symptoms for women are exactly the same as symptoms men have for pancreatitis. They are fever, pain near the ribs, upper abdominal pain, swollen abdomen which is usually very tender, nausea and vomiting and often an increased heart rate. From all the information i have researched symptoms for men and women are nearly identical for pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis can be either acute or chronic and it needs to be monitored and managed. If you suspect you have it then you need professional medical treatment right away. It is a very painful illness and can often involves staying in hospital for a substantial amount of time to ensure you recover well. Once you are recovering live a clean life, stay away from drugs and toxins. Eat a healthy diet and stay physically active. Another important thing to do is stay positive, mentality is a great tool in living healthy and managing bouts of pancreatitis.

I am a former acute pancreatitis sufferer and it was the worst pain i have felt so far in my life. At first i didn't know what was wrong i was worried. But then i found out and the more i research about the subject the more i understand how to manage my condition. So do a lot of research online and check out the online pancreatitis help kit we have banners to, it has great reviews. I wish you great health and hope your condition improves.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Marijuana, Cocaine, MDMA and other Acute Pancreatitis causes

Acute pancreatitis has been caused by cocaine consumption, marijuana consumption and MDMA consumption. Also heroin consumption is widely linked. All drug habits have a negative effect on the pancreas and they can prove significantly damaging, even fatal.

From all the research i have done it is impossible to point out what is the most damaging recreational drug for the pancreas. But we can safely assume all three of these major recreational drugs are known to cause acute pancreatitis and prolonged use can even lead to chronic pancreatitis.

My advice is to seek help or find a rehabilitation clinic. If you have already developed an instance of pancreatitis then you are risking your health by continuing to consume these toxins. It is a good idea to do as much research as you can on this to understand just how damaging this can be. Read information from the major well known medical sites which you can find by a simple search. Or check out the online relief kit which we link to down the bottom of this site or on the right hand side. As an acute pancreatitis sufferer i wish you the best of health and hope your health improves.

Can You Smoke Marijuana after Severe Acute Pancreatitis

A common question I am being asked is can you smoke marijuana after severe acute pancreatitis and the simple answer is no. All medical professionals have a duty of care and will warn you that this could cause further problems with an already fragile pancreas. Marijuana like smoking nicotine is full of toxins and is damaging to the pancreas as the pancreas struggles to process the toxins.

If you smoke marijuana after you have already developed acute pancreatitis than you are putting yourself at risk. Marijuana is similar to alcohol for the pancreas, as both are full of toxins which can cause serious damage. You are also running the risk of further complications and the organ possibly becoming chronically damaged.

I wish you the best of health but the best thing to do is research the subject more. The more you research the more you will understand not to do things that are risky and full of toxins because it can prove fatal. Read from well known sites or check out the online relief product we have put up a banner for which has received great feedback from clients. Stay safe, stay active and eat healthy. Avoid alcohol and marijuana and give your pancreas a chance to recover and be healthy.

How To Treat Severe Acute Pancreatitis

Treating severe acute pancreatitis requires professional medical help often requiring large hospital based resources. A sufferer of severe acute pancreatitis will need several procedures done over a lengthy period and I will go into further emphasis of this .

If you have severe acute pancreatitis a blood test and ultrasound will be performed and often a CT scan to show the extent of damage done and if any other complications have arisen. You will also be on a drip to keep you hydrated and a machine to measure your heart rate and pulse which is mandatory. You will then also be put on high dose pain killers which trust me as a fellow sufferer of this illness, the pain killers are needed as this is extremely painful and women who have had this and given birth, have often said severe acute pancreatitis is more painful.

Read up on the illness also because when you recover knowing more about the illness will help you to prevent it happening again. You will know how to eat healthy and how to stay active and positive and for what warning signs you will also look for. Furthermore go to different well known sites for this information or check out the online relief kit we have down the bottom of the page. We also have a banner for it on the right hand side, it has gotten very good reviews. So stay healthy, stay active, if you have any concerns go see a medical professional straight away or go to the hospital. I wish you the best of luck with your health.

Severe Acute Pancreatitis, What Makes it Severe?

Doctors will often term acute pancreatitis as severe acute pancreatitis, often this is because even one single bout of acute pancreatitis can prove fatal. Severe instances often include at least one complication which has caused the acute condition to worsen and often become life threatening.

Ask your medical professional while you have been characterized as severe. Often you will already know that your condition was very serious, maybe it lead to kidney failure or lung complications, or any other form of complication. So make sure you ask your doctor what you were classified as. Do as much research on acute pancreatitis as you can. Since my instance of acute pancreatitis I have read nearly every major news site for the illness.

On this site we direct users to an online relief kit which has got great feedback and reviews, we have happy people emailing us on here saying its good. You can check that out down the bottom or on the right hand side. Or you can also just search the major sites on Google, they will come up in the early results.

Make sure you understand that you should clean your diet up, become physically fit and stay mentally strong and positive. Know what your body can consume and obviously what you can’t. I wish you the best of health.

Most Common Cause of Acute Pancreatitis

When narrowing down what is the most common cause of acute pancreatitis it is obviously alcohol induced pancreatitis. Society is changing and youth and all ages are drinking more. As a result the consequences on our pancreas and other organs are harsher and acute pancreatitis rates are increasing. This illness is not uncommon at all and as you know i have had this before.

Alcohol induced pancreatitis is from too much alcohol consumption. However the argument is being made by some medical professionals that everyone is different and some people are more susceptible to alcohol, so even after only a couple of drinks this can occur. Research is very different on this, so read as much as you can. I like to read across well respected sites there is heaps in the medical fields and studies and findings are always changing. The more you read the better you understand what causes pancreatitis and how you can avoid it.

We have a couple of banners to an online relief kit which is very successful and has a lot of positive feedback so try that out aswell if you are interested. The main thing is to eat healthy, stay active and stay positive. Enjoy life and i wish you the best of health. Hopefully one day pancreatitis will be curable. For now we just have to look after ourselves to ensure we don’t relapse or our condition becomes chronic.

Acute Pancreatitis Causes

A lot of comments and emails I receive are asking what causes acute pancreatitis. I will go into this in detail, there are many causes and they differ for each person. When you are diagnosed with this illness the doctor will tell you what they think caused the acute pancreatitis. The causes can differ greatly.

The most common cause is alcohol induced acute pancreatitis. This is because across Western societies binge drinking is becoming much more common amongst the entire population. Another common cause is recreational drug use and addictive drug use.

Acute pancreatitis is also caused by genetics with some people being susceptible to developing pancreatitis. Other causes of acute pancreatitis can be prescribed medicine, although this has been very minor in proportion to overall cases.

Everyone's body reacts differently to virtually everything so there are many different causes. Make sure you see medical help and go to the hospital right away if you have pancreas pain or any other symptoms. This is not something you should wait and see if it gets better because if you get complications they can prove fatal.

I read a lot about this subject because I am a sufferer of acute pancreatitis. I advise you to read about the illness as much as you can, the more information you know the more you will know how to look after your body well. As you can see down the bottom of this information page and on the right hand side we have added banners to an online relief kit which has gotten great reviews and feedback. Anyhow, good luck, look after yourself and I wish you the best health.